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Pretty funny, but what exactly went on this cartoon?

That was... interesting, to say the least.


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You should make a sequel. I have ideas for what Mavericks to put in.
1. Storm Owl, Master of Wind
2. Launch Octopus, Master of Weaponry
3. Armor Armadillo, Master of Shields
4. Dark Dizzy, Master of Darkness
5. Cyber Peacock, Master of Cyberspace
6. Slash Beast, Master of Claws
7. Blast Hornet, Master of the Swarm
8. Bubble Crab, Master of Water

Also, this is a pretty cool game!

Well, at least you tried.

I see this game was made on Sploder, a website in which I myself am a member. Can you tell me how to put a Sploder game on here? It keeps coming up as the wrong type of file for me! Also, this game is pretty cool!

Hassaan2000 responds:

poop in da butt LOL

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I really liked the real version. And I really like 8-bit music. You've just merged 2 things I like into one thing I really like.
Nice job!

I never really thought of having Plague Knight's theme being converted to dubstep. It really has that sort of twisted feel Plague Knight himself had. Now I really think I should be working on an Insanity Knight fan art. Thanks for putting inescapable thoughts in my head. Also, I can't be the only one who thinks Shovel Knight should be a Smash Bros DLC character.

It really has that Shovel Knight feel to it. Kindof reminds me of Treasure Knight's stage and a little bit of Mole Knight's stage. I made up my own knights for a possible sequel to Shovel Knight, with Insanity Knight, Laser Knight, and Bomb Knight first coming to mind. Also, SHOVEL KNIGHT FOR DLC CHARACTER IN SMASH BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What even...

Megacharlie responds:

Its a cartoon I animate :)

My God, I used to love watching this. R.I.P Edd Gould

Megacharlie responds:

Yeah. I have a time lapse video on youtube if you want to check that out.

I like the detail you put into making this. If you decide to make any of these Skylanders clay figures, can the next one be Magna Charge?

I'm an 11-year-old gamer who's really into the idea of making my own video games. My favorite video games are Minecraft, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart 7, Megaman 10 and a fun app on my iPod called Mino Monsters.

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