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I'm an 11-year-old gamer who's really into the idea of making my own video games. My favorite video games are Minecraft, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart 7, Megaman 10 and a fun app on my iPod called Mino Monsters.

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Posted by coliboom - August 12th, 2015

I got a second acount.  Check it out!  The name is RobotNinjaGuy

Posted by coliboom - May 23rd, 2015

It's called Stick Figure Mania and it's basically just a step backwards from asdfmovie.  If I can upload it, then please watch it and enjoy!

Posted by coliboom - December 14th, 2014

I'm thinking of making some kind of Megaman based animation series with my buddy loganthekid.  It's still a major WIP, and might not even come out, but I'll let you guys be the judge of if I should go through with this.  Keep in mind, I'm not a very good animator.

Posted by coliboom - April 20th, 2014

After wathcing episode after episode of Doodley's "Toons These Days" series, I've decided to take a crack at reviewing cartoons myself.  I don't exactly know if i'll be able to make it into a video series, but I'll try my best here.

So Today we're going to review one of the grossest, wierdest, and craziest shows I know: Sanjay and Craig.

In a nutshell, an insane little boy and his talking snake do the wierdest things imaginable, along with a concieted pagent queen and a gross but hilarious boy who nobody has ever seen without an eyepatch on(most likely for the better).  There's also Remington Tufflips, a country-bound movie star and Sanjay and Craig's hero, Leslie Noodman, a snake-hating bluberry-loving... crossing gaurd?!?!  How much wierder can a villain get?!?!  There's also Belle Pepper, a sorry excuse for a love interest.

The animation in this show is great, but they could've done better with their choice of episode plots.  I mean, seriously!  Who would want to see too idiots doing gross stuff just to get a kid to barf?

My favorite episode in the show is hands-down Kerplunk'd.  The humor they pack into this episode is phenominal, although a bit stale.

To be completely honest, this isn't a bad show.  It just had bad choices for episodes.  Also, I can't be the only one who gets tired of hearing Sanjay and Craig scream all the time.  And if you think that's bad, The Dicksons will melt your ears!

Rating: 3/5

PS: Happy Easter

Posted by coliboom - February 13th, 2014

Need a movie maker if I wanna make movies on this site.  Please suggest what you think is the best one to use.  Thanks.

Posted by coliboom - December 25th, 2013

It's Christmas!  Things have been going great.  Me and my brother got Skylanders Giants (GREAT game so far).  I also got a toy that rivals even Beyblades called RoboMe.  Using the iPod, you can control it and make it do funny stuff.

But the thing is, I didn't get a WiiU.  It's going downhill anyways, as my dad says.  Maybe next time.

Anyways, hope yout Christmas is awesome!  This is Coliboom, signing out!

Posted by coliboom - December 24th, 2013


It's great to be back, guys.  Except... It's Christmas Eve!  Yaaaaaaay(?)!

Actually, I'm a tad bit nervous.  If I'm on the naughty list, I'll have to wait until I go with my dad (I'll explain later) to get presents.  Then again, it's the season of giving, and I already gave today.  That might help.

Also, if any of you guys know how to put a flash movie on here, please let me know.  Bye for now, and happy holidays!

Posted by coliboom - November 22nd, 2013

Hey guys! Coliboom here. I just got my new account! Hooray for me!
Just thought I'd make a new post about the stuff I plan to do on here.
I plan to try and make some Megaman videos on this website. Once I figure out how, I'll let you guys now!
I'll also to try and fit in some Top 10 videos. And by some, I mean a lot. I like watching lots of those videos on Youtube, and I've always wanted to make my own!
That's it for now! Nothing on my account just yet. That'll change soon, though.
See ya later!